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Dec 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
market gets plummeting down, then you're going to see real action. i think this is a very good sign. now boehner has to sell it to his own caucus and the president has 90 liberals or left wingers that he has to sell his part of the deal to, too. >> last few seconds i want you to look into your crystal ball and let me know what you think will happen this week in terms of the political rancorring. what big scene might we expect to see? >> i think you'll see a difference in tone because i think they'll start really seriously negotiating. they realize that time is ticking and they don't want to be a political casualty. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, as always, thank you. we'll see you next week. >> thank you, maureen. >>> pennsylvania boy killed after accidentally being shot by one of his father's guns. it happened outside a gun store in western pennsylvania saturday morning. officers say 7-year-old craig allen loffrey was sitting in a safety seat when his father placed a handgun that he thought was unloaded into a storage unit and it fired. while the magazine in the gun was not lo
Dec 17, 2012 10:00pm EST
are now turning to action. this march in washington calls for stricter gun control measures. president obama attended a vigil in newtown sunday night promising to use his power to prevent strategic dez like this. >> we can't accept -- tragedies like this. >> we can't accept events like this as routine. are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? >> reporter: investigators plan to interview two adults wounded in the shooting in the hope to reconstruct what happened. meanwhile other schools in newtown reopen tomorrow. >>> a friend of the suspected gunman's mother nancy lanza says the public does not understand how hard she tried to help her son. rich collin said nancy was troubled by her son's strangely distant behavior. he says nancy was a gun collector and naught she could help out by teaching her son -- thought she could help out by teaching her son how to shoot. >> she was trying to find ways to bond whim and she told me the guns, she would take them shooting because that was a way that, you know, a single mom could relate to her son and so she wo
Dec 22, 2012 10:00pm EST
is cold. we have don't have a white christmas, however, to talk about. plenty of action on the west coast. take a look at this. rain showers and a little bits of snow across areas of the mountains to the deep south. nothing happening there across the gulf. but as we head up towards the great lakes, we have a little bit of lake effect snow and across areas of the northeast seeing some snow as well. here as home, mainly cloudy skies with a ridge of high pressure moving through. that's going to hold us for fairly clear skies as we move into the course of tomorrow. these clouds will clear out during the course of tonight and the clear skies and the winds will light en up. clear skies, light winds, that means it's going to be on the chilly side. for tomorrow, we are talking plenty of sunshine. skies will be bright and the winds will be extremely light as well pushing in from the southwest. we have an unsettled pattern to talk about. we have a very strong system that had start to move it way into the ohio valley. that's going to set us up as we move through into monday to see a chance of rain s
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
on the action. >> my wife and i are really big rg3 fans and they held on, a nice big sense of relief when that intentional grounding call came at the end. >> reporter: at norton's american grill a 27-21 over the eagles was like going to heaven. how did rg3 do? >> he did well. he threw for two touchdowns and an interception wasn't bad, right? >> there's a difference with this team. it's a team that really is a team. robert griffin, iii is their leader, but like they really play as a team. alfred morris has been a great back for the season. they really look good. >> reporter: what about the cowboys next weekend? >> they're playing at redskins home field advantage and with the divisional win we're pumped up and can. >> reporter: some spouses let their significant others shop while they eyeballed the game. don't get me wrong. some shoppers were here to finish last minute holiday shopping. is santa coming to your house? >> no. >> reporter: really? >> been a naughty boy this year. >> reporter: but redskins fever was evident everywhere, especially after rg3 and the gang eked out a win. >> i
Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
the victim practiced one of those religions. >>> the first legal action is underway in the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the lawyer asked to sue the state of connecticut for $100 million on behalf of a six-year- old survivor. the lawsuit is over school security. the lawyer said his client heard screaming and gun fire over the school's intercom. the claim against the state is that it failed to protect the child from foreseeable harm. states are generally immuned from such lawsuits, so the suit can't go forward unless the state agrees to allow it. >>> one of the suggestions for making schools safer is to arm teachers. the state of utah is giving 200 teachers training to handle concealed weapons. claudia cowen has more. >> reporter: with the prospect of tighter gun laws in the new year, some states are trying to figure out how to navigate the spike in ammunition and gun sales. in colorado, for instance, law enforcement officials say they need more money to conduct the surge in criminal background checks which are required for gun buyers and they planning to ask lawmakers a half a m
Dec 5, 2012 10:00pm EST
this situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. >>> who tried to blow up an atm in fredericksburg? that's what virginia police are trying to figure out tonight. sky fox flew over the scene at the virginia credit union on gordon shelton boulevard. someone called to report an explosion overnight. security video confirmed an explosive device went off around 4 a.m. it scorched and damaged the atm, but it still functions. police evacuated the bank and nearby homes this afternoon after a dog detected a possible second device behind the bank. it was nothing. they gave the all clear a short time later. >>> another big story tonight, a 34-year-old manslaughter dead, his 34-year-old brother -- man is decked his 34-year- old brother hurt after -- dead, his 34-year-old brother hurt after apparently they were intentionally run over this morning in gaithersburg. >> reporter: just after 1:17 a.m. this morning police found one of the brothers unconscious on the grass next to a sign for the avalon school. video of the scene shows paramedics working on the man several minutes, bu
Dec 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
sitting with the first family pretending he was part of the family trying to get in on the family action. we had phillip phillips there performing from american idol, jason mraz and the crowd was really excited to see the fray. i had not heard of the fray. >> me either. >> thank you for saying that because if they're not on wtop, i haven't really heard them lately, but colbie caillat and ledisi and when the fray came out, everybody jumped to their feet. the president was about 40 minutes later, so you do a little tap dancing waiting. i don't know if they were working on that fiscal cliff, whatever, but the peaceful side of things was the lighting of the tree and it was really beautiful and special for a couple other reasons. it marked the 90th year for the tree lighting and that means that every president since calvin coolidge, oh, i remember when he lit that one, too, we've been lighting the trees ever since. after the lighting the president directed some of his remarks to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> and this holiday season is especially difficult for families who lost everything
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7